Plants for Collectors

    Alocasia Frydek in 4-inch planter


    Alocasia Frydek has a unique velvety texture! It is a show-stopping aroid plant that grows best in bright indirect light! It likes moist soil, so it is for the experienced...

    Philodendron painted lady & Pothos N'Joy cutting in Prop Stand - ONLY AVAILABLE AT ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


    Philodendron Painted Lady is an uncommon brightly colored climbing Philodendron. New leaves are a bright colored neon color and become a darker green as it hardens. This is an easy...

    Chinese Money Plant aka Pilea peperomioides small in ceramic pot- ONLY AVAILABLE INSIDE ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


    The Chinese Money Plant, also known as Pilea peperomioides, is a delightful and easy-to-care-for houseplant that has gained immense popularity among plant enthusiasts. The most striking feature of the Chinese...

    Philodendron Micans AND Pothos N'joy, Cuttings in Propagation Stand- ONLY AVAILABLE INSIDE ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


      This beautifully made propagation stand currently has MULTIPLE cuttings which include one Philodendron Micans and Pothos N'joy.  The Philodendron micans has a "velvet" like texture that pairs nicely with...

    Hoya Polyneura aka Fishtail Hoya in hanging pot- ONLY AVAILABLE AT ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


    Hoya Polyneura, commonly known as the Fishtail hoya is a mesmerizing tropical vine revered for its striking foliage and delicate flowers. What sets the Fishtail Hoya apart is its distinctive...

    Aglaonema Red Valentine in green ceramic planter- ONLY AVAILABLE INSIDE ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


    Aglaonema Red Valentine has beautiful foliage that is a variation of pink and green. It is an easy care/ beginner friendly plant. Grows well in low-light, medium light, and indirect-bright light. It typically...

    Scindapsus Exotica in 6-inch pot- ONLY AVAILABLE INSIDE ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


    Scindapsus Exotica is a gorgeous shade loving trailing houseplant with splashes of silver on each leaf. It is a shade loving plant, so be sure to keep it away from...

    Philodendron Pink Princess in prop stand- ONLY AVAILABLE AT MUDSLIDE COFFEE


    Philodendron Pink Princess is a "Must have" exotic tropical plant for any plant collector. Its beautiful variegated multi-color foliage is what makes it so attractive to plant lovers! Each new...

    Aglaonema Peackock In ceramic pot- ONLY AVAILABLE AT LAVA NUTRITION


    Aglaonema Peacock is an uncommon type of Aglaonema, aka Chinese Evergreen.  They are typically easy-care plants that can tolerate low light, but grow best in indirect bright light. This Aglaonema bamboo...

    Anthurium Hookeri in cement planter- AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE ONLY AT LAVA NUTRITION


    This Anthurium Hookeri is growing nicely in a nursery pot placed inside of a decorative cement cover pot. Providing a cover pot helps with humidity as It loves higher humidity,...

    Philodendron Red Congo dwarf in ceramic pot ONLY AVAILABLE INSIDE ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


    Philodendron 'Red Congo Dwarf' is a great tropical plant that has leaves that are green with burgundy colored underneath. It is a dense/ compact plant that is typically easy care....

    Philodendron Bob Cee- AVAILABLE ONLY at LAVA NUTRITION


    Philodendron Bob Cee is a highly sought-after exotic tropical plant that is a must have for collectors! It is a shade loving and can grow well indoors and outdoors! It...

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