Plants for Collectors

    Syngonium Chiapense in heart themed ceramic pot- ONLY AVAILABLE AT ORANGE BLOSSOM


    Syngonium Chiapense is an air-purifying plant that thrives in bright shade/ medium light, and indirect-bright light. It is an easy-care plant that loves to climb, so be sure to add a moss...

    Anthurium Hookeri in cement planter- AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE ONLY AT MUDSLIDE COFFEE


    This Anthurium Hookeri is growing nicely in a nursery pot placed inside of a decorative cement cover pot. Providing a cover pot helps with humidity as It loves higher humidity, so keeping...

    Epipremnum Pinnatum Yellow Flame & Monstera Adansonii cutting in prop stand- ONLY AVAILABLE AT MUDSLIDE COFFEE


    Epipremnum pinnatum yellow flame is a highly variegated plant/aroid that loves to climb! So much so, that in nature it can grow up to 15 meters. It is a highly sought after plant...

    Philodendron Silver Stripe Cutting in Propagation Stand- ONLY AVAILABLE INSIDE BANYAN COFFEE


    This beautifully made propagation stand currently has a partially rooted Philodendron silver stripe cutting actively growing hydroponically in a propagation stand. Be sure to change some of the water once...

    Philodendron painted lady - ONLY AVAILABLE AT ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


    Philodendron Painted Lady is an uncommon brightly colored climbing Philodendron. New leaves are a bright colored neon color and become a darker green as it hardens. This is an easy...

    Philodendron Pink Princess- ONLY AVAILABLE AT MUDSLIDE COFFEE


    Philodendron Pink Princess is a "Must have" exotic tropical plant for any plant collector. Its beautiful variegated multi-color foliage is what makes it so attractive to plant lovers! Each new...

    Philodendron Giganteum Blizzard- ONLY AVAILABLE AT MUDSLIDE COFFEE


    Philodendron Giganteum Blizzard is an uncommon/ rare variegated philodendron that is a "show stopper". It is one our favorite plants that we do not offer often. The one pictured here is currently...



    Euphorbia francoisii hybrid is a unique exotic tropical plant. They grow best in bright shaded areas and can tolerate morning sun. The more exposure to bright light, the more the...

    Variegated Vanilla Orchid & Philodendron Brasil Cutting in Propagation Stand- ONLY AVAILABLE INSIDE BANYAN COFFEE


    The Variegated Vanilla Orchid and Philodendron Brasil cuttings are beautifully paired together in a propagation stand. The variegated vanilla orchid is a unique houseplant that can be hard to find....

    Rhipsalis Cactus (unrooted) Propagating in Glass Mushroom ONLY AVAILABLE AT ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


    This unique plant is currently propagating in a mushroom shaped glass propagation stand. It has leca and lava rock, which are both great for plant health.  Please allow 2 to 8...

    Black Pagoda Lipstick Plant (unrooted propagation) in water ONLY AVAILABLE IN ORANGE BLOSSOM COFFEE


    This exotic plant is adored because of its uniquely colored leaves, pattern, and hardiness. It grows well in bright-indirect light and is also shade loving. It is currently growing as...

    Philodendron Orange Marmalade in Glass propagation AVAILABLE ONLY at MUDSLIDE COFFEE


    Philodendron Orange Marmalade is an uncommon gorgeous tropical plant with colorful foliage that varies with every leaf!  New leaves unfold as a mottled orange and eventually fade to green with speckles that...

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